Voyage LA Story

"I don’t think there is something entirely that can set me apart from others because I always need to have something universal to the human condition to reach wide audiences. I do not feel set apart; I feel universal to others."

Crown Me Annapolis Pitch Competition

"What started out as an assignment from her college professor asking his class to come up with bad ideas ended up sparking Amirah Adem’s imagination and inspiring her concept for this year’s Shorts Challenge.

What if a Black, female lawyer disguised herself as a white man in order to more easily navigate corporate America?"

Amirah Adem ’21 To Explore Human Rights Violations in the U.S. by Documenting Her Own Story

"Amirah Adem ’21 had plans to travel to Tanzania earlier this year to carry out a health education project. As a 2020 Davis Peace Project winner, she was one of the students selected to receive funding to design and implement her own grassroots project.."

How I fought FGM in the United States – Amirah’s Story

"How many more young girls are we going to let bleed to death because of an unnecessary practice that is controlled in these patriarchal societies? FGM is not worth the pain. FGM is not worth the loss of a loved one."

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