About Me

Amirah Adem is a filmmaker working on her MFA at the University of Southern California. She is originally from Stone Mountain, Georgia. She is a first-generation South African and Ethiopian American.

Amirah received her BA in Media Studies at Pomona College. After pivoting from the pre-medicine track and biology she spent time shortly as a CS Major where she won a 5-school-wide hackathon alongside 4 other young POC women. Just before the pandemic she eventually found her natural calling in film and media while maintaining her pre-med track. Her first documentary film Cutting Roses, a medical and legal excerpt that tackles her own personal journey as the first case of Female Genital Mutilation in America, began production within a year of her taking her first film class. Her film premiered in late 2021 as part of her senior thesis and received the 2022 Winslow Award Awarded annually to a Media Studies major whose senior thesis or senior project is deemed the most outstanding of that year by the program faculty.

She looks forward to being a multi-hyphenate creative in Directing, Cinematography, and Screenwriting. She hopes to represent multicultural stories through every element and genre of film, whether it is sci-fi, thriller, comedy, etc.

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